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o/t Glasses

o/t Glasses
  I started wearing glasses about 8months ago, and because I wasn't 100% sure if I'd use them :o I just got some quite cheap ones. I've since realised that I can't actually read without them, but I'm too vain to let people see me wearing mine as they don't really suit me. Because of this, I figure its time to get a decent pair ;)
Can anyone recommend somewhere to look? Do the baggers who wear glasses, do you just get them from the usual highstreet opticians? I tried on 100's before I got my current ones, does anywhere offer a service which shows you what suits you more?
Thanks :)
x ohara


Hi there,
I wear glasses I go to Donald and Aitchinson which allows you to choose a few glasses take pictures of them and then you can see a picture of yourself wearing them on the computer. This is quite good. However they can be a bit pricey.
But I am on the look out for a new pair so I would also be interested in any places other than highstreet shops
x :)


thanks DannyGirl! yup, :cmdunno: the price definitly puts me off, even my cheapy ones cost me 80 pounds :eek: I'll check out D&A though - I can at least find out what suits me I guess!


My glasses are from specsavers (yes, i'm a cheapskate :o ), but they had loads of styles in the shop, and a photo machine thing where you could see what you look like with the different styles on. They had quite a few styles too, but maybe i was just lucky that they had some pairs there that suited me. And, i guess you might need a friend's help for deciding what looks best.


Specsaver have a designer range, and if you spend over a certain amount (80 I think) its normally buy one get one free.

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