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Can you take clothes back to Primark?

Can you take clothes back to Primark?
Just wondering if anyone knew if you could get refunds at Primark? I have brought a dress from there but I have since decided that I don't think I am going to wear it! :rolleyes: Therefore, I would like to take it back or exchange it.
My receipt does not say anything about refunds so I wondered if any of you guys knew? If so, is it the usual 28 time period to return?
Many thanks! :)


Yes you can take things back, the returns are standard; usual 28 day/receipt thing.


i was once told in there that they only do exchanges, even with the receipt!


Ive taken stuff back and got the money back before, no problems.
Warning though, the customer service till is usually HUGE so allow yourself plenty of time (may just be my branch!)


They definatley do returns but if you dont have a reciept they will do exchanges. I exchanged a skirt that a bought a year ago but never wore it still the tags on it :o
maoam x

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