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Accessorize peep toe shoes

Accessorize peep toe shoes
  Hi guys,
I saw these shoes in Grazia I think, or maybe they were featured in a free vogue mag I got from Hennes (?) well anyway I really like them but I havenít seen them in the flesh yet.
Sorry I donít know how to attach photos (Iím sounding a bit useless arenít I?!) but they are on the accessorize/monsoon website under shoes and are the glitter and Hessian open toe shoes. I really like them but just wanted to know other peopleís opinions first before buying themÖ
Many thanks!


They are gorgeous! Here's the link to the exact page :D
ETA - :o that link didn't work either! Sorry!


1 Attachment(s) Glitter & Hessian Open Toe Shoes
ETA: I like them but not sure about the colour combo of the tan coloured heel and the white/silver uppers.


They are berluddy gorgeous! I think they'd go with loads of things. A bit expensive for 'manmade' shoes, but still beautiful!
I tried to post a pic for you, but my photobucket isn't working for some reason!


Here they are:
They're okay but I'm not keen on the heel.

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