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O/T how to sell things on ebay? advice needed..

O/T how to sell things on ebay? advice needed..
  Hi Girls,
I'm thinking of selling some things on ebay to pay of some debts..I've never done it before and was wondering is it difficult to set up..
*also for p&p do you just get a list from your local post office
* how do you guarantee payment.
I've bought things using pay pal of ebay before, so do I set up a paypal account with my bank details in it.
Thanks Girls.


I set up my account aaaages ago, so it's hard to remember exactly, but I don't remember it being difficult - Ebay takes you through it step-by-step. I'd definitely set up a Paypal account - as most buyers pay this way, so you will attract more bidders :) That's really easy to set up too.
For P+P you can weigh stuff on kitchen scales or something similar, and then look on for a price list. Idon't have anby kitchen scales though (am a student :lol: ) so I don't bother with all that - I just put 3 for most things, (2 if it's a very thin top, 4 if it's a big coat) which seems to be about right when you include all your Ebay fees etc.
There's an Ebay forum in Shopping which might help you more with any specific q's :D


Thanks a mill GlitterJunkie...just have to go and sort what I can sell now


From a selling point of view, my advice is to always have the auctions end around payday, then more people seem to bid!


Good tip Karen, I'll bear that in mind, how many days do you think is good to have an auction last for and I take you can set up the minimum bid you will accept on an item.
I've got loads of jewellery I don't really wear and can't really remember how much I paid for.

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