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Chain heres (Stam)

Chain heres (Stam)
  Just wondering if the small lush stam was uncomfortable to carry. I have a chain bag and the strap is always getting caught up in my hair.
Seeing as the small one doesn't have leather handles, only the chain, do you think it will be uncomfortable to carry a) because of the hair-pulling possibility and b) if you're not wearing very bulky clothes?


I have the large one and seeing as you can't use the chain handle as it makes the bag pop open I've not had the hair problem! I would say if the small has a similar size chain as the large I would have thought it wouldn't be too comfy - can't comment on the hair issue! :)


Really? How totally useless then! I wonder if it pops open with the small one.
Thanks for that Stoli, v. useful!!!


Update: okay, apparently the new stock (large and small) don't do this.
Ooh, should I get it or should I get a big white spy instead? :think:.
I think I'll only get my use out of the stam until the summer, but then I won't use the spy until the summer anyway I don't think.
Two white bags :think: Is that a bit excessive? I don't know why I'm asking the baggers :lol: :rolleyes:, you're terrible anyway.


I believe Lush did a recall of the bags that popped open and have redesigned them. I don't have one so can't tell you for sure.

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