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Cheap skinnies, not low rise, for small person!

Cheap skinnies, not low rise, for small person!
  Being lazy on the search - title says it all really - going shopping tomorrow - can anyone recommend? Ideally don't want to pay more than 20 and ideally indigo.
Don't want much do I....! :think:
ETA: I'm 5ft 3, so fairly small!


dorothy perkins petite?


yeh, DP jeans are not very low rise
eta: or M&S?


Have just had a look on the petite section of the DP site but no skinnies to be seen.
Hmm, quite like these on M&S - bit more than I wanted to pay though - might go instore tomorrow and see if they've got them in and try them on.


the dp ones arent called skinnies I dont think, mine have got 071 printed on the inside of the waist band - think thats what the style is called

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