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21st birthday pressie - advice please!

21st birthday pressie - advice please!
  Hi, i am a bit of a shy lurker but I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. It is my 21st birthday in two weeks and my godmother has asked me to just tell her what I would like as a gift, so that she knows what she gets me is something I love...but I am completely at a loss for ideas. I know I don;t want jewellery as this is what I am getting from both my parents and my sister. She wants to spend 100 ,though I think this is a bit much and would prefer if it was 70/80ish.
Could anyone help me with ideas for a pressie? She has suggested a bag, but I don't know what would be a good one for that amount of money. I live in London so access to different shops is not a problem
Thank you, and sorry for writing such an essay!


well for my 18th my grandmother decided to buy me a china doll, limited production and same name as mine. i dont normally like dolls but it really is beautiful and a collectors piece.
obviously if you dont like that idea ignore it! :lol:
or what about some shoes or a dress?


Ollie and Nic heres are gorgeous:


What about a designer purse?


Ollie and Nic heres are gorgeous:

Love their bags Curls, great reductions in their sale :)
A designer purse is a good idea too, there are some nice ones on

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