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...::[what do you think?!]::...

...::[what do you think?!]::...
  Yay or nay?! :confused: Was looking for a nice top to wear out for my birthday in just over a month, what do you think to these?!


I know nothing about maternity clothes, so will go by what they look like :)
The first one (knot bust necklace tunic) is lovely, and looks like it would flatter the bump! Would be nice with some dangly earrings and nice bracelets/bangles
The second one (babydoll top by sweet pea) - I'm not keen on that at all sorry, dont know why - I don't like the colour, or the white detail.
Third one (sleeveless tee by sweet pea) is gorgeous! Possibly more 'daytime' than night out though?
Fourth one (knot front tee with pearl detail) - it's okay, but nothing special and again possible more daytime than evening.
So... buy the 1st for your night out, and the 3rd for daytime :D


I think the first one is really nice, not to keen on pictures 2 and 4 but number 3 is ok too.


Number 1 by a long way! That is really nice and I agree with GJ that I think it would be flattering, not very keen on the others.


I like the first one best, and I quite like the last one too :)
The only thing about the first one is that it might get a bit uncomfortable not wearing a bra for a whole evening out! I wore a halter style top going out for our anniversary dinner when I was a few weeks more pg than you are now, and I thought I would never get home to put a bra on!!!

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