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O/T Hurt by a 'friend'

O/T Hurt by a 'friend'
  I was just on MySpace and was looking at the page of someone I went to college with. One of my supposed 'friends' had left a comment saying she had seen me the other night and had to put up with me moaning on and on. I was so hurt - I didn't think I was like that all, and I feel especially annoyed because recently she's hd a rough time and I've spent hours on MSN trying to help her through it. Sorry for the OT rant, but I just feel so hurt that someone I thought was a friend would write that on a web page. :(


justifiably so FA, i would feel hurt too :eek:
If you want to sort this out then you'll have to tell her you've seen her comments, and discuss it. personally, i would think she is obviously not the friend i thought she was, if she could be that catty and bin her. harsh maybe but :meh: life's too short to waste it on friends that treat you like pooh. i've learned that since having kids, unfortunately :head:
poor you. xxx


What PV said...:higgies: Talk to her, and if she hasn't got a decent excuse, she aint worth your time.


What the others have said - confront her and see what she has to say.
Totally agree, life is too short for shitty friends, i learnt the hard way.


Thanks, PV and Lapis. Was feeling really crap about this - still am. Unfortunately I've met a lot of crappy people in my time. This girl always goes on and on about hating people who are bitchy and slag people and are two-faced etc and she is clearly just as bad. It's made worse by the fact that she would write something like on someones MySpace where anyone could see it, she didn't even say it to the person concernced privately. And, like I said, I've spent so much time supporting her, trying to help her through things, this is just such a huge kick in the teeth. Why do people have to be so horrible?
ETA: Thanks CiC as well!

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