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Cheapest red ballet pumps?

Cheapest red ballet pumps?
  I am looking for a pair of red pumps in a size 8 for the boy's Dad to wear to a fancy dress party (he is going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz). Apart from Primark, has anyone seen any, even red slippers would do, I'll just put glitter and a bow on them!


I think Peacocks have some that already have the glitter and bow attached! Some folks on here bought them a while back, Bibbity & FP I think...


I saw some in the sale section of Peacocks last week - if you're lucky you might find a pair. If not, if you have time, Ebay might be a good bet?


Asda has those glittery pumps too Jerrica :)


Oh good, I can walk to Peacocks and George at lunch time - thanks girls x

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