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A Big Public Thank You To Special Agent!

A Big Public Thank You To Special Agent!
  For picking up that New Look dress for me. It arrived this morning and I love it :D Thanks again, you are a star!


Pictures please! :D


Ahh, I'm so happy you finally got one! Special Agent - as deserving of her name as anyone!


Hack :D
I'll try to sort some pictures out but it's a bit tricky seeing as there's a car roof (don't ask) right in front of the big mirror :rolleyes:


Awww, thank you! I'm so glad it arrived safe Loony and SO glad it fitted you after the sizing debate. Can't wait to see pics and hope you feel really wonderful when you are wearing it! It's a really lovely dress and I am gutted it didn't suit/fit me too...
Ananas did me a similar favour a while ago, so I'm glad I've also been able to help someone out too. Isn't the fashion forum great.

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