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What to wear to a Comedy Club?

What to wear to a Comedy Club?
I've got a bit of a dilemna - I'm off to a resturant, then a comedy club, then to a bar / club afterwards on Saturday.... but I don't know what to wear!!
The only thing I gave managed to decide on is a pair of skinnies..... but then I'm stumped because I don't know how to look good at 3 different places!!! Please Help!!!! :confused:


Hiya Babs, what comedy club is it?
As a rule comedy clubs are normally pretty casual/indie wear affairs. There's loads of beer jugs etc flying about so don't wear anything too dressy :lol: :cmcheers:
If it was me I'd go skinnies, a dressy vest of some sort, platforms and lots of chains etc with a nice clutch bag or a little across the body bag.
Have fun, sounds a great night! :D


Need to know which one it is really. Last time I went to jongleaurs there was a really mixed crowd i.e. friends on nights out, friends on birthday nights out (us so more dressed up) hen nights etc etc.
I would dress more for the bars you are going in and you will be fine besides they put the lights doen so no one can see you if your ‘too dressed up’

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