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O/T Mobile phone recommendations!

O/T Mobile phone recommendations!
  Totally O/T but I'm due an upgrade and wanted some ideas! I'm tempted by the LG chocolate one but this is completely based on it looking nice in the adverts! Does anyone have this? Or what else would you recommend? I've had nokias for a while but I'm bored of them and want something a bit prettier :o


I've just bought the Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone. Never had a Sony Ericsson before but I'm really impressed!! :)


I've got the LG chocolate and I love it !!! It's soooooo pretty and a great phone too imo. To be honest I got it purely based on it's beauty but it's a really good phone too, it's got an mp3 player, good size screen, good camera, good memory - that's about all i take notice of !!:lol:


My sis works for O2 and told me that theres been a lot of issues with the lg chocolate - my friend has had one for about 3 weeks and has had to send it back because it keeps switching itself off.
I am waiting for a pink nokia 6111 (should be here tomorrow!) but apparently these are fraught with problems too!
I have had a samsung d500 for the last 18months thereabouts and it has been brilliant - I only want the nokia because its pink :o :o
do you want features or looks (the age old question?!) There are lots of pretty phones about, but they dont do that much, apart from say the motorola razor - but im not a fan of motorola (because of crappest work mobile in the world)


Oooh that's what I needed to hear SP!! Very tempted!

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