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o/t London baggers, help with restaurant please

o/t London baggers, help with restaurant please
  It's the boy's birthday this weekend, I want to take him out for a meal on Friday night straight after work. I'm el skinto after Ibiza so just wondered if anyone's got any good but cheap places they can rec? My brain is frazzled and I can't think of anywhere. I work in Shoreditch but willing to travel.


When me & the old boy were skint we used to go to the Hare Krishna restaurant in Soho- probably not the kind of thing you're looking for and it was about 5 years ago, but it was lush and cheap.
Are there any Thai cafes around Shoreditch (there were loads in Acton :o ) and they were so cheap and lovely?
I miss London so much :(


Not sure, I know there's vietnamese, I'll have a look on the london restaurant guide too but if anyone has any rec's would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Dolly x


The Wishing Well in Hammersmith is cheap and lovely too- not sure if it's a BYO too.


It depends how casual you want, but I'd recomment either Busaba Eathai in Soho: (this review is for the Marylebone one)
or the Electric Brasserie on Portobello:
The Electric is fabulous, you can have anything from lobster to a simple sausage sandwich, but the atmos is great. Lots of celebs go there and the food is brilliant. Last time I went was on my birthday, when I had a steak sandwich with a glass of champagne! They also do watermelon juice which is to die for.

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