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O/T Oyster Card - Confused - Londoners Please help!

O/T Oyster Card - Confused - Londoners Please help!
  I'm moving to London for three months initially.
Tube seems to be very expensive - does it work out to be cheaper using an Oyster card?
I'll be commuting from Bethnall Green to St. Paul's Monday-Friday, is it worth buying a tube travelcard or should i go with a bus travelcard as it isn't very far.
The only problem might be going out with friends in the evenings at weekends as i presume most people will have tube passes...
What would be the cheapest and best thing for me to do?
Thank you!
P.S. i'm such an idiot - i meant to post in general and i can edit but not delete my thread! Sorry!!


You've got a few choices really.
Buy a bus travel card which would allow you to travel on all London buses and would cost 51.90 a month and then also buy prepay on your oyster card for cheaper tube travel when you need it.
Or buy a zones 1&2 travel card to use on buses and tube within zones 1&2 which would be 85.30 a month and then add pre pay onto your oyster card for travel outside those zones which may be not very often.
Or depending on your usage just load prepay onto your Oyster card which would cost you 3 for the card and then 1 on buses at peak time and 80p at other times and tube fares would vary but for a peak journey to and from work (Bethnal Green to St Pauls) would be 2 each way. However even if you just do to and from work 5 times a week this will cost 80 without using it at any other time.
The Transport for London is pretty helpful


It's definitely worth getting an Oyster card even if you only use it sometimes as it'll work out cheaper


I agree. I believe that because of the price capping on Oysters, it means your journey will always cost less than it would if you were buying a travelcard.


Oyster cards are a neccessity in london. every time you get on a bus, it will cost 1.50 without but a pound if you ahve an oyster card. I don't know about the tube, but it's definitely cheaper. the oyster card only costs five pounds too, so as long as you make, say, 11 journeys on the bus the whole time you're in london, you've saved money

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