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Accessories for dress for Ascot?!?!

Accessories for dress for Ascot?!?!
  Hi All
I'm going to Ascot on Thursday and as normal have left the accessories bit until the last minute.. mainly because I couldn't quite work out the colour of the flower in the dress... think it is pistachio.. anyway have a browny hat and shoes... but think I need a pistachio coloured clutch/bag of some sort.. (I think I've added the picture of the dress (never added attachments so not sure if it will work - if it doesn't work it's the short Belize from Monsoon) just in case anyone thinks it is a different colour - although difficult to tell?!?)
Does anyone know where I could get one before Wednesday night? :)
Thanks all for reading!


Maybe try accessorize, and big department stores like Debenhams might have something?


i think a kind of matt gold would work quite well with it maybe?


A bronze clutch might work too. Lovely dress :great:


Yes bronze sounds nice, especially if you had some bronze coloured jewellery too. Gorgeous dress.

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