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Afflecks Palace/ Manchester

Afflecks Palace/ Manchester
  Hey guys,
I might have a bit of time to kill in Manchester on Monday and wondered if you can give me any tips on where to go for non-high street but cool places to shop:)
I used to love Afflecks but the last few times I've been I've not been too impressed - might be a case of me getting older and out growing it though! - do you reckon it's still worth a look?
Where else can I find nice little shops around the city centre?


I used to love Affleck's Palace too Dots! I don't go to Manchester very regularly, but I was there last month visiting my sister. Thr whole Northern Quarter was good for shopping with loads of vintage, but I was really impressed with the design centre. It's such a lovely, airy building with people pottering about in their workshop boutiques making fab things. Temporary Measure was my fave for their fab canvasses, working on the OH to order one for our appartment at the mo...
ETA: Here's a link


That looks like such a great place, am I right in thinking its kind of behind M+S/Selfridges etc and off to the right a bit (if that makes sense!)? I've not been to Manchester for well over a year and just stuck to the main shopping bit then so really had no idea that all that even existed:)
I think I've come across the Temporory Measure website before - but I can't see the pictures!


oh no, they're lovely images. We're going to get the Beatniks one, but obv that won't mean anything to you if you can't see them!
Re the Craft & Design Centre, my sister took me there so am not quite sure where it is. It's in the Northern Quarter though :o


I don't know where the northern quarter is though:o I'm pretty sure it's around there 'cos I think the Printworks is behind there and that's on the map so I'll manage to find it somehow!
Thanks for telling me about that - it looks fab:)

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