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Accessorise my dress please!

Accessorise my dress please!
  Right, so I've got this dress - tried it on in Monsoon a while back and it fitted lovely so got a cheaper one off Ebay...anyhoo, advice needed on shoes, jewellery, shrug, etc's for a wedding (which I think will be a fairly laid back, outdoorsy kind of affair)


Have you forgotten to attach a picture?


1 Attachment(s) :o ho hum, yes, here's the picture....


Ooh thatís nice :)
I would go for green or purple accessories, not too many though maybe a couple of bangles and a green or purple bag of some description.
If its for a wedding have you thought about getting an emerald or purple fascinator? I think thatíd look really nice too.


I like the idea of a fascinator- was going to wear my hair up in a retro-ish french pleat so that would look to have a mooch on ebay.

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