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Cat - mustard cardi

Cat - mustard cardi
  Hi Cat - any chance of a pic of your mustard cardigan?
I'm thinking about the blue one, but wondered if I could see it on?
I'd go for mustard but I don't think it suits my colouring (and I love it with brown btw as in the WAYWT thread...)
Thank you!


Haven't got a pic i'm afraid hunni and can't take one tonight as i've just had a shower and have fake tan on :cmdunno:
All i will say is get it!!! It's fabulous and such a nice fit :)
I can try and take some pics for you tomorrow?


Yes please cat that would be lovely if you can.
I've got a couple of pretty little white broderie anglaise-y tops that I want to wear to work but I don't like baring my shoulders in the office! I thought a navy cardigan might just do the job.
Is it quite thin cotton? Does it look ok undone? Is it very fitted?
Sorry for all the questions!


I've been wearing mine undone and it looks fine :) Looks fairly fitted on me done up.
Hang on a mo, i've only tanned my legs, i'll whip it on and take a pic :)


Crap pics i'm afraid, i can assure you it looks better in the flesh...

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