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100 pounds worth of arcadia vouchers

100 pounds worth of arcadia vouchers
  Ok this is the first of two threads that i need answers to, any suggestions definately appreciated.
I have 100 pounds woth of arcadia vouchers, what would you buy? I'm about to go on holiday and have loads but could alwasy be persuaded to buy more, but i could also be interested in stuff i could wear in the winter too...seem to have alot of summery stuff and im paniking about winter now!!So any suggestions really...could quite fancy some louboutin-alikes..?


Nah, I wouldn't bother. If I were you I'd stick 'em in an envelope marked 'Bibbitybob' and send a pidgeon ;) :p
Sorry, not very helpful.
I'd probably buy a summery dress and possibly those button detail mary janes from Topshop. That would probably come to about 100 :rolleyes:


yes i am feeling rather lucky to be getting them haha. I like the idea of a sundress but i just saw a really nice tan leather jacket on the new in on the ts website but i dont know if it goes enough with my wardrobe...ive got lots of navy, red and green this season could i wear that with it? should i spend it all in one lump?Also ive got quite a lot of black which i was thinking i need to get a jacket to go with but could i wear black and tan or do you think its too close to black and brown? i can never decide!


Mmm that's nice - I love it in the olivey green colour.
If you think you'll wear it then I'd say spend them all at once...better to get one thing you love than a few things you aren't sure about!
Then again, I'd probably want to get a few things.

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