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Clear plastic shoe boxes

Clear plastic shoe boxes
  MrC and I are moving house next month, and it's become clear that my shoes are going to need to be properly housed in our new walk in wardrobe (yay!) In my head I can see them all stacked nice and neatly in clear shoe boxes rather than just thrown in the bottom of the wardrobe like they are just now - so where to find these mysterious boxes (bearing in mind the increased mortgage for city centre living means I don't have billions of spare cash - so nice and cheap would be great!) - if a fashion bagger cant help me then surely they don't exist :lol:


Do yuo mean individual ones? I think they're quite expensive, but I'm sure someone else can tell you where to get them :)
I use bigger clear plastic under-bed storage boxes for my shoes, I got them from Wilkinson for 3.99 each. They're, um, about a metre long each or something, and mine hold about 6 pairs in each box. They're quite long and flat, so you can stack them in your wardrobe or under your bed - might be worth a look!


Your in look Cookiestar lots of places sell theseLakeland
Viva La Diva
La Redoute
and I think John Lewis and Fenwick do them too!
Good Luck with the move!


How about these....


Thanks for this :) I'm SO looking forward to organising my new walk in wardrobe :yay:

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