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Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur
Just wondering....has anybody indulged in Agent Provocateur underwear? Is it really worth all that ??? Super expensive, but presuming it's quality. Also, any good for big boobs?


I have a few of there bras and they are definitely more for play than support although they give you great looking cleavage! The sizing can be a bit erratic so best to order a few sizes off the website or even better to go into a store to try it, and the fabric can be a bit dodgy on some styles tbh - actually I would definitely recommend going to a shop and they have a much bigger range in store too:)


They have lovely stockings.


They don't go above a 36D in quite a lot of styles either.


I have some for 'play' rather than day to day wear ;) Quite like a few styes and I'm D-E in their stuff.

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