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casual wardrobe

casual wardrobe
  im going to college soon as part of my solicitor training, and i am trying to build up my casual wardrobe now. i was just wondering what you all wear when you are just hanging, but dont want to look like a slob.
thanks chicks


My usual day-to-day casual clothes are jeans, ballet pumps, a vest top and little cardi/shrug. I think if you add accessories such as dangly earrings or a nice belt, it makes it less 'slob-like', even though it's still a very casual outfit!


You should have a check around Style Diary - a few people on here have links in their sigs.
Might give you some ideas :)


kinda o/t but which college are you going to? i've got my last exam on the LPC 2moro... i'm so excited its nearly all over :yay:

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