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"Smart dress"???

"Smart dress"???
I'm going to a ball in June and have just picked up the ticket. On it, it states "smart dress". What would you take it to mean, although it's a ball, I don't think it's going to be the type where all the women turn up in their Givenchy or Dior creations!:lol:
Any ideas would be grand!


If they are only saying 'smart dress', its probably indicating to the guys that a suit and tie is necessary rather than a DJ. I'd go for a knee length cocktail style dress - Warehouse have some nice ones on their website at the moment, and Zara usually has a few nice ones. If you're on a real budget, be sure to check out TK Maxx, as they can have the odd gem in there from time to time


Thanks! I'll go and check out those websites now!

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