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Adding colour to this outfit?

Adding colour to this outfit?
  I've bought this dress to wear to a wedding I'm going to at the end of the Summer.
I was concerned about it being cream, but I think it's casual enough not to look like I'm trying to upstage the bride! I'm planning on wearing coloured accessories (I'm thinking green?) to non-bride-ify it a bit...
Can anyone suggest what style of cardy would look good? I'm not a fan of pashminas, but I wan't to be careful not to detract from the detail at the neckine (the buttons are too cute!).
I'm picturing those really soft cardigans that Monsoon had in the winter...the had wide sort of lapels and for some reason I can see that working because it's plain enough without looking prim like I think a plain plain cardigan might?
Any other suggestions are welcome...I'm just sort of thinking outloud really?
ETA: None of the pictures I have are particularly good, but this one shows it on which might be better (ignore the wrinkling, I was twisted at a funny fits properly when I'm upright :D )? Picture 2


Oasis have a plain v neck cardigain in a variety of colours, including two shades of green :)


I like this green cardigan from Boden

ETA: And this one from M&S is cute


I think a green cardi would look great and agree with FP that I have seen some in Oasis recently (they have a couple on the website but not shown in green). I would perhaps try and get some bangles or earrings to match just to tie it all together too.
Have a great time at the wedding :)


Love the colour of the M&S one.
Bibs, it looks great on you! I'd go for more like a shrug cardigan (but full length) without buttons. That way it'll just cover your arms, but not have lots of fabric hanging about the front when it's undone and extra details (buttons) to detract from the dress. IYSWIM?
Not that I know where you'd find anything like that. In fact, I've been after one for a while but not having much luck!

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