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Cheap petite sizes

Cheap petite sizes
  Are there any shops which do petite sizes but at Primark prices? All the petite clothes I've found seem to be pretty expensive like at Topshop and I need cheap and cheeful at the moment!


for cheap and cheeful, I'd actually recommend primark kids range :o


lol, I wish I could get away with kids ranges. I'm quite well endowed so I don't think I'd be able to fit in it! lol


How about Tesco? I think they do a petite range. Not quite as cheap as Primark, but better than TS.
DP's usually have quite a bit of petite stuff in their sale too!


Next have always had a petite range and I believe that Next aren't considered as expensive as they used to be. I can always remember Principles had a Petite range (sorry been out of the UK foor a bit) or are they a bit frumpy? Excuse my ignorance but would petite mean that the arms and leg lengths would be slighly shorter?

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