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Ack! Step away from the computer......

Ack! Step away from the computer......
  I've had a few tipples and I've got NAP, LVR, and styledrops open. I need to step away from the computer before I do some damage.
:D :D :D
I'm looking for some nice wedges - anyone recommend any nice ones? I've got beer goggles on.


The Louboutin ones on NAP. Though they are probably sold out by now! I :throb: them but very pleased with my bargainous D-Havz by way of TK Maxx today :D


Yes your D-Havz ones are probably responsible for my late night drunken wedge hunting :D
I think I might be better resuming this in the morning.


gawww on! wedges wedges wedges, you know you NEED them.

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