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O/T last minute brazilian panic - help!

O/T last minute brazilian panic - help!
  Okay, so I had been very orgainsed and booked my pre Ibiza bikini wax for 09:00 tomorrow morning which left me just the right amount of time to get into work. have now been told I actually have to be in work by 09:00 tomorrow so have had to cancel the appointment, then I am filming all day. Also filming tonight so the only window I have is 17:00 - 17:30 tomorrow evening before my flight.
So does anyone know of a beautician in properly central london - Covent Garden, Soho, Waterloo (??!!!) who does decent waxes. As many suggestion as possible appreciated as the chance of them having an appointment at exactly that time are slim I suspect.
Please please help.
Mimi x


I can't help with a recommendation, but if you are really stuck, and cant get an appointment, and brave to boot, Id recommend Nairs soft wax for a home brazillian - its bloody painful but pretty effective


Thanks Ohara, I'm really worried about giving myself a home brazilian - confident about a tidy up, but a home brazilian would require a lot of delicate mirror work I expect!
Mimi x


*coughs* it does, but I promise it does work if its an emergency!


Thanks sweetie, have managed to get an appointment at Cobella in Selfridges - fingers crossed they don't manage to maim me!!!

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