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O/T Music suggestion for tidying

O/T Music suggestion for tidying
  I HAVE to get off here and start tidying the flat - what music should I download / listen to to assist with this painful process??
All suggestions welcome, but if I'm still here in 30 minutes, please tell me to piss off.
Mimi x


Well, I for one enjoy some truly cheesy/ hideously uncool pop music for tidying. I can listen to my 'credible' stuff any old time :p Say some Shakira? Then you can wiggle your hips whilst you tidy (is this just me that does that?)


I'm not really a fan but when I'm marching to work I put on some banging techno, gets my feet moving 19 to the dozen I tell you!


All I can say is thank God this board is anonymous :o Couldn't have my Shakira love being made public knowledge. Or my Kelly Clarkson love either :p
What kind of music do you usually like Mimicat?


My preferred soundtrack for tidying up is The Hives, Your new favourite band. Now piss off! :guitar: :getout: :chores1: :cccrack: :wave: :lovegrin:

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