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cheshire cat

cheshire cat
  ok, so i'm going on a hen night of a girl at work. the theme is disney (i know!) and i picked out the cheshire cat. and i am under instructions to "sex it up".
so i was thinking a stripy dress (i can dye it purple) sew a tail on and do sexy feline makeup (big, flicky eyeliner and all that).
problem is i need a stripy dress! i was stupid yesterday in joy and didn't buy enough to get one free and i'm not going back to buy it becasue it was 34 full price. so i need your help to find me a nice stripy dress in a size 16!
i don't suppose that any of you know where i can get a cheap and cheerful one (couldn't see any in primark yesterday but the one near me's a bit rubbish)?
or if any of you can think of other disney characters (which havent been picked yet and most have) which dress nicely?


i don't know if this is what your after but there is a stripy one on asos
i think id like it better without the cut outs though!
and then this one


there are loads of stripey dresses in bay trading at the moment


those two dresses are brilliant! might get the cut out one then just wear something under it. cheshire cat is pink and purple so maybe a pink top?
the second is a bit short for me as my legs are rather unfabulous. unless i wear something under it? i don't know what to wear under dresses on the bottom, i'm not a big fan of footless tights or leggings.
any more suggestions gladly recieved!!


well i'd wear jeans, i have a bit of a thing for dresses and jeans to be honest i normally look crap but hey! i guess you could just wear tights and flat boots maybe?

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