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o/t here ratings

o/t here ratings
  What does it mean when someone is a bin bag, keep seeing this lately, does this mean they have been banned or is that body bag? If they are banned what are they still doing on here :confused:


Good question! I have no idea what the rankings mean. Wasn't there a sticky somewhere that told you what they all meant? :confused:


I think a bin bag is a temporary suspension, a body bag is a permanent banning!


Ah that figures, ok thanks Glitter!


0 - 29 posts: Paper Bag
30 - 49 posts: Plastic Bag
50 - 99 posts: Carrier Bag
100 - 199 posts: String Bag
200 - 499 posts: Canvas Bag
500 - 999 posts: Tote Bag
1000 - 1999 posts: Clutch Bag
2000 - 3499 posts: Evening Bag
3500 - 4999 posts: Hand Bag
5000+ posts: Designer Bag
When you've been here a year and have 5000 posts you can write your own title.

(Word's in colour stolen from )

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