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a bit of research

a bit of research
  Hi Guys
Well I have actually decided to do some uni work and have managed to combine it with bagging!! J I need some opinions on places in London and the associated styles/fashions of the people who shop there.
Basically for my project I am combining fashion photography (styled and posed model) with real life documentary pictures (if that makes sense) and need to define different styles, and key looks for each location to recreate in my image.
The places and my initial ideas/associations Please feel free to tell me Iím wrong! I need to get this right: Any suggestions of typical outfits or key items would also be appreciated.
Spitalfields: Arty, students, vintage, fabrics, layers, colours etc
Covent Garden: Sophisticated, more businessy, need some help here!!
Kings Rd: could designer fit here or would Sloane Sq etc be better
Carnaby St: Retro thing comes to mind for some reason
Oxford Circus/St: High Street, Clones of everyone else
Camden: Alternative, Trendy
Thanks in advance :flower:
PhotoC x


I think Sloane Sq would be better for the designer bit or how about the city, i.e. around Liverpool St and Bank?


Oh Liverpool street would be good, are there lots clothing shops around that area? Just thats the common theme for the locations. Thanks for your reply.


You could have a look at the street style section of the Vogue website to help you out. They have loads of different streets and photos that would "define" the certain styles.


I work in Covent Garden and seem to be surronded by tourists in non-descript trainers, jeans & rucksacks, but alot of the businesses around here are involved in the theatre & entertainment industries. This isn't necessarily reflected in the way people dress though (looking around the outfits in the office today, we could be in any sector!) but you could do a touch of old-fashion arty glamour - I'm thinking touchs of velvet!
For Sloane Square, I would probably say the stereotype of the Sloane Ranger does still hold true - expensive clothes, but very traditional - pearl earrings, expensive knitwear, men in chinos with jumpers tied around waists etc! Classic rather than high fashion.
I would definitely say Liverpool Street or Bank for business clothes - very sharp suits.
Carnaby Street was the place in the 60s but not much of that atmosphere remains & I'm not sure you would see many people dressed in a retro style there now.
Notting Hill & Portobello might also be good - arty but often with money, lots of ecologically aware stuff, mixing with West Indian culture.
Probably all huge stereotypes - hope I don't offend anyone. Personally I live in the bland suburb of Ealing which you could do bored looking clones & women driving 4x4s

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