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*summer Thread*

*summer Thread*
asking huuuuge favours from you lot -> I need inspiration from you lot!!! Going Summer Clothes shopping Soon(so sxcited) been saving - although dont have much - was wondering if/when u get any new clothes for summer if u could post pics, u just give general info - idea is to obvs give me and all u other baggers inspiration for summer - then when ive been ill post all my finds....
Thanks Guys,


I want these babies but I'm going to wait until I have 55 and its warm enough to wear them.
Camel Wedges


  I'm hitting the shops on Saturday too - can't wait! :yay:
This summer will be great for me as I love girly styles - so lots of dresses, wedges and pretty flats for me. The Oasis website had loads of gorgeous dresses
I also like the baggy jeans and more boyish look that's around at the mo, although not sure I'll be investing. Shirt dresses etc are lovely and can be dressed up or down.

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