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Cat! - where are you?

Cat! - where are you?
  That black and white print dress form LX arrived today I love it!(even if I do look a bit pregnant- I'll just rub my pot belly and pretend I am- cough, anyway)
Just wondered if you've gots yours yet? :confused:


I got it a week ago :D
Posted about it here

and on shiny's thread i think too!


:yay: looks fab on you!
I'm going to have to wash mine- I think the courier may have been smoking- it stinks of fags and I hate that smell :mad:


Mine makes me look pregnant too btw:rolleyes: cause it really puffs out at the back and front but my mum said it looks like the style of the dress.
I found putting a waist belt just under the boobs cut this out though :)


I'm going to have to invest in some footless tights too- it's a bit see through and I have pasty legs :o
blurry pic but you get the idea

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