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Advice on dress

Advice on dress
  I got a dress from topshop a while back. I don't have a pic but some of you might know which one it is. Its a mink colour but it also came in yellow and has a ribbon which ties in a bow in the middle. Anyways I was wondering what to wear on my feet (flats - don't do heels!) and what to accessorise it with?


I know the one you mean, it's lovely. I'd go for either black or a bright colour I think, pink, purple or teal could work I think. There's loads of ballet flats about at the mo too.


Been looking for a cardigan to go with it and I've bought a brown one which is darker than the dress and it goes quite well with it. There is a cream cardigan on the topshop site which is nice, its in the new in section do you think that would work with it?
I have it in a size 8 but it is still baggy at the bust (small boobs you see!), I really love the dress so thought of getting some tape to stick it down with!


I have the same trouble! :lol: Yeah try the tape.
Brown and cream would both work I reckon, from what I can remember of the dress, cream more so, I think. I know it was lovely, I'd have loved the yellow one, it's my favourite colour :)


Any other ideas!

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