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Aargh, outfit help please!

Aargh, outfit help please!
  Mr BB is going out to some work do tonight (looking lurvelly in his suit :flirt: ) and he's asked if I want to come and meet him and his mates/collegues in a club after. A lot of his students will be there too (some of who are older than me :o ), so I'm keen to make a good impression!!
I'm bored of wearing jeans when I go out so I've come up with the following 2 outfits...


Including minor adjustments - eg different beads, minus belt or jacket etc etc etc.
All suggestions please! Which one? Or neither and something completely different?


Like the first one Bibs. What shoes?


i like both outfits, but id go with the first one i think. it looks a bit more dressy, without looking 'trying too hard' iyswim. those beads look fab with it. what shoes were you planning on wearing?


Like the first one Bibs. What shoes?
Urrh, those Matalan platforms? :cmdunno:
Possibly sparkly black pumps, possibly time for a raid through the boxes to find shoes! I only have 30 mins to decide :faint:


I love the first dress! You should wear that one.

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