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O/T Ipod mini

O/T Ipod mini
  Sorry I know this is o/t but I also know there are a lot of ipod users on here!
I'm looking at buying a 4gb ipod mini.
Any good?
I have a Creative Zen Xtra 40GB atm which although is good, it's like carrying a brick around.
I want to spend less than 100 (early birthday pressie to myself!) so if anyone can recommend any other mp3 player that would be great :)


Apple Reburb Store are selling refurbished 4gb ipods for 87.50...
otherwise maybe Ebay, the latest set of ipods have just come out right? the 5th generation ones, i guess that means prices should be falling for the old ones all the time...
Although i know a few people who have had problems with their ipods, with the battery needing to be replaced after a few battery doesn't last that long anymore even though i haven't had mine long but you can replace the battery yourself for 6 from Ebay.


Yeah, that's where I'm looking Nat, thanks.
Looking at it though they're the 1st Generation ones with the lower battery capacity.
Tempted to go for the 20gb ipod instead.


You could get a Creative Micro, Creative MuVo, Creative Zen Micro, there is a bunch of smaller creatives, which vary in sizes.
I use creative zen itouch though, 20gb, sometimes it is a pain to carry it about, but usually fits into pockets :lol:


I have a 4gb mini, I got it this time last year and tbh, if I could go back and do it again I wouldn't have bothered, I would have gone for the 20gb instead.
It's a pain in the ass trying choose 4gb of music from 15gb+

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