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O/T Fake Tan Argh!

O/T Fake Tan Argh!
  Hi! im new to here because for about 3 months i couldnt work out how to post a thread thingy :o i think i've sorted it now though! Anyway i feel like i know you all really well as i've created a bit of a here obsession and read like every thread(really think i should get out a little bit more)so i know youre all endless fountains of knowledge lol :o So to the point im sorry for my first post to be a bit cheeky and off topic but i spilt johnsons holiday skin stuff on my carpet and because it gradually develops i didnt realise until today that ive got a big stain on my light green carpet, please help with any hints or tips my dads going to go mad!!:(
Thanks in advance!


Oh eck hun! :cmdunno:
I don't know what to suggest but i think it's going to be pretty hard to shift :(
Welcome to here anyway :wave:


Thanks! Oh no! Have to keep lingering suspiciously over it whenever my dad comes in hoping that my shadow makes it unnoticable but i think he might get wise, I quite possibly may cry, dont even have enough room to move my bed!!:confused:


Have you tried posting over in homes? They might have a better idea :)


try some vanish wipes you can get them from the supermarket they might work
hi btw welcome to here :wave:

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