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Advice Asap

Advice Asap
  Just getting ready to go out and have put my make up but dont know if its a bit too much....bear in mind im a quirky you think its ok??? im just going to see a friends band
i know its not strictly fashion but work with me here ladies lol sorry about the horrid close up:o
ETA Look on next page when fudge has made it smaller for me


ooh that pic is massive:o how do i make it smaller???


love the eyeliner and blush, I'd prob go with a clear gloss to avoid too much colour on your face at once ;)


Love the eyemake up but personally would go for more neutral lips as they're so striking.
Then again, if you're a quirky dresser you might be able to get away with both!
What're you wearing?


Wow. That's massive.
Eyeliner yes. Lippy no. It looks a bit ott.

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