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Chanel watches

Chanel watches
  Does anyone know of anywhere online I can look at chanel watches? Looked at but they don't have the one I'm interested in...


Which one are you after Karina? I've wanted the gunmetal Chocolat colour one for ages.
That wasn't particularly helpful sorry but will have a look around.


Donít know the name of it but itís quite a chunky gold chain with maybe a little padlock, saw a picture in a magazine a couple of weeks ago which I've ripped out and keep admiring!


I haven't seen it but you could call one of the Chanel boutiques and ask them to send you the Timepieces Lookbook and that should have all of them in there.


Oooh good idea, will try that. My boyfriend was telling me about a place in town which sells chanel watches so i might get him to show me this weekend!!

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