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Choosing your first date outfit

Choosing your first date outfit
  When choosing a first date outfit - what do you want your clothes to say about you?


Oh blimey, I never really think about it in those terms.
I just tend to suit them to where we're going...but then I only ever wear clothes that are 'me' and I'm comfortable in so if he doesn't like what they're saying then he's with the wrong girl :lol:
(Me & Mr BB turned up in his & hers practically matching outfits on our first *official* date :o )


Not one to talk as I don't really do dates, but I hope my outfits reflect me exactly as I think (er hope!!) I am, so something cute sexy, but never tarty, not really put together and a little bit shambolic.
I never get my boobs out as I think it looks cheap on me, but often wear dresses which I dress down with tights / leather jacket etc so I don't look too girlie and brainless.
To be honest if someone doesn't 'get me' as I am then I'm just not interested. :lol:
But then I am single - perhaps I'm doing everything wrong :p .
Mimi x


Well, I've only ever been on one first date...and I'm probably not much help tbh cos he was a good friend of mine for ages beforehand so I was pretty comfortable with him anyway! But anyways - our first date was to the park, then for a walk, if I remember rightly I just wore jeans, converse, tee-shirt, black cord blazer and my huuuge black & white stripy scarf that I wore to death over winter. He said the first thing he noticed as I walked towards him was my scarf! I think it depends where you're going tbh, I would just dress the same way you would no matter who you were with, that way you're not putting anything across that isn't "you" :)
ETA: the park & walk probably don't sound like much of a "date", but we did go sit on a hill and watch the sun set :D


ETA: the park & walk probably don't sound like much of a "date", but we did go sit on a hill and watch the sun set :D

Aww :)
They sound like a lovely 1st date - just the kind of thing I like doing.

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