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chunky wedges

chunky wedges
  does anyone know where i can get some wedges from? i know there are loads about but i cant walk in the ones that end with a really thin heel like 99% of the wedges in the shops. the heel has to be wide, preferably black brown, or any darkish colour. ive lookd everywhere!


Hi, There was a thread asking about the same thing a ouple of days ago :) if you do a search for chunk wedges it should come up with it there were loads of suggestions on that. :nurse:


here you go


hi thanks for that link nursie, but ive had a look through that thread, and again they all have really thin heels, theres some lovely shoes on there but all the modern ones have the most tiniest narrow heel! i cant walk in any heel, my pointy new shoes have a heel of max 2 inch, and by the end of saturday night i was in agony, yet when i wear a pair of really wide wedges that i had years ago(they are horrible but so comfy:o ) my feet are fine! Can anyone help?


As much as i love pointy boots the heels are killer so i also prefer to wear chunky wedges in summer over skiny heels, i bought these from faith last year
i know ther're not black or dark but they are sooo comfy they have a kinda spongy padding on the sole. i love them:)

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