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Can you wash rope espadrille soles?

Can you wash rope espadrille soles?
  The title says it all really.
I've just bought a pair of cheap rope-soled wedges from New Look (well 22) to wear with a trouser suit to a wedding reception that's going to be held in a field. It's going to be lovely but I wager it'll be a quagmire. It's in Wales, I'm from Wales, I know these things. Hence the wedges.
I don't like just disposing of stuff so I'm wondering if I'll be able to wash the mud off. They're not a beachy espadrille, they have a proper firm plastic sole, then rope wedge, then a metallicised fabric/ gold leather strap upper.
Has anyone tried this and do they just collapse?


Don't soak them as the raffia will come away from the wedge. Wait for them to dry and then brush off as much as you can with a stiff brush - though don't overdo it. Or dab at it with a damp cloth, depending on how big or bad the damage is. The good thing about them is that they are usually cheap enough to buy more than one pair.


Not sure about the ones with a plastic sole, but I remember getting the beach style ones wet in the 'summer' (:rolleyes: ) rain years ago and they went all soggy and started to unwind.
I probably wouldnt risk it personally!


eek. Unwinding is bad....
Well I reckon it's a better bet than wearing normal heels and sinking. I shall have to go down the brushing off least the raffia is sort of brown.


I went to a very muddy wedding recently and decided to go for dark block heels, which worked OK. Anyone who wore pale shoes, stilettos or sandals was really suffering. :rain:
I think espadrilles would work OK as long as you don't mind them being very muddy afterwards and it isn't actually raining.

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