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O/T Fun: I'm special because.......

O/T Fun: I'm special because.......
  More pointless fun -
Complete the following sentence: I'm special because......
1. I've never watched 'Big Brother'
2. I've never read the 'Da Vinci' code
3. I rode Disney's 'Space Mountain' and didn't throw up
4. I've never had a cup of tea (honest!)
5. I've met Jimmy Saville...and Princess Diana. But not in the same day.


1. I've never tasted tea or coffee
2. I've never been really drunk
3. I've never had a one night stand
4. I physically can't scream
5. I've saved someone's life


I never drank alcohol and never drunk.
I never had a one night stand.
I never impulse buy?:p :o


I've never read/watched Harry Potter
I've never tasted tea
I complain about getting blonde roots in my dark hair
I don't like Topshop


I've never dyed my hair
um, I'm sure there's more than that! :p Must have a think...

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