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Clothes storage

Clothes storage
  I'm thinking ahead towards the lovely storage Mr BB has promised to build me :D
How do you generally store your clothes?
As in, what do you hang, what do you fold on shelves, what do you put in drawers/boxes etc etc etc.


Well I tend to use standard ole wardrobes for my adventure shorts and orange ribboned hats... and metal drawers for panties....
sorry, still stuck in enidblytonesque :p


I hang dresses, skirts and decent trousers and tops. And use shelves for t-shirts, tops, jumpers, jeans, pjs. And all underwear in drawers. I do however not own an iron so am a fan of wrinkly clothes.


I like to hang everything if possible but my wardrobe doesn't allow this so some jumpers and t shirts/vests get folded on a shelf or in drawers.


I try and hang as much as possible, with things like vests and t-shirts in drawers as they don't crease.

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