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19th Bday Present Help !! :|

19th Bday Present Help !! :|
  MY 19th Birthday is not too long away :D
and i need to pick something i want .. my first thort being a car lol but i doubt id be that lucky !!
Anyone got any ideas of what i could ask for? I want something i could keep forever, but nothing boring that id have to stick on a shelf. I was thinking a nice piece ov jewelry but i dont know where to look, or what im even looking for. I dont want a ring, bcoz i have a gorgeous whitegold one that my boyfriend got me for valentines day :o but im not sure what else i could wear all the time, bcoz i wear alot ov costume jewelry that matches my outfits etc.
All ideas would be appriecieted :D thanks ..
Eta : Thanks Glitter Junkie :o


Sammeh... I'd edit that if I was you!


Quick, sammeh, quick, glitter's right


you 2 klosie .. trust me :lol:


That's OK :)
Have a great 19th ;)

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