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O/T Friday Afternoon..

O/T Friday Afternoon..
  So another I'm bored thread, but other than bagging what's everyone else doing this afternoon?
I am sitting at my desk gutted that my boss has gone home early as I'm lonely and usually we have a surreptitious bottle of vino under the table / in our mugs on a friday afternoon.
My other boss is being a bit iffy with me as I think he feels me and first boss get on too well :rolleyes: and behave like children (okay probably right about that).
I work opposite Westminster and have a wicked view of the river and Big Ben which I love, but it's making me feel cooped up. I'm also excited about this evening, but worried my outfit won't work so I want to get home and try it on.
To try to alleviate the boredom I'm flirting with the runners (I have a game with my boss where I try to make them fall in love with me by being stupidly forward :lol: ) and listening to my ipod. Trying to make myself like the new yeah yeah yeahs album and it's growing on me, but her voice grates after a while.
What you all up to?
Mimi x


:sleep: referencing all the journals I used for my dissertation and day dreaming, imbetween bagging.


Sat in the office with nothing to do - hoping someone on here will start a good juicy topic. I'm in the middle of an open-plan office & my desk isn't by a window, so I can't even look gaze out.
I loved the first Yeah Yeah Yeah's album but hadn't got around to buying the new one yet.


There is something semi exciting about my friday. My work are casting for a movie so there are loads of comedy actors and actresses coming in - most of the cast of Shameless, Green Wing, Book Club, Peep Show and....... Billie Piper.
I'm trying not to make it obvious that I'm having a good gawp and spending more time than usual chatting to the girls on reception.


Sat at my laptop, fully dressed in coat and uggs but can't leave the house for all mimicat's serial posting (I can't leave until I've read EVERY post). :o
I finished work at 3pm and was ready to go to the gym, but backed out at the last minute because I think the guy I have been flirting with there is testing me and I would honestly rather go shopping instead. I think the stress of deciding has made me need a sneaky fag though.
So off I go shopping! Have a lovely weekend everyone (haven't posted there because I have no plans whatsoever :boohoo: but I'm sure it will include lots of spontaneous fun).

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