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Celia Birtwell

Celia Birtwell
  Celia Birtwell stock has been updated on the ts website. Here comes my little rock dress :yay:


:yay: Thanks for posting that! My friend wanted me to order her stuff while she's out of the country. I :throb: my Little Rock dress :cool:


can i ask you what the material is like. I am sure in the last thread about the dress cic mentioned that it was quite see through?


Yeah it is a bit, but I will probs be wearing it over stuff so I can get over it :)


The Monkey Puzzle shirt dress is very see through. The Red little rock dress isn't too bad but the cream version might be more transparent with being a lighter colour. I'm rather annoyed that they now have the cream one as I think I prefer it to the red one, but can't have both and I really wanted it to wear this weekend.

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