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Charity Shops

Charity Shops
  Due to my lack of funds at the mo, I was thinking of going to a few charity shops and seeing if there are any bargains to be had!
Can anyone reccomend any in b'ham and where abouts they are?


charity shops can be slim pickings these days, I think alot of people may buy from them to sell on ebay,
and they have got savvy to the desginer names lately, altho still nothing compared to what youd pay new lol and added benefit of helping the needy, let us know if you find anything!


Don't know about any in B'ham in particular, but here are some general tips:
-- Shops in wealthy areas are a good bet, but be warned that some (e.g. Oxfam Style, Marie Curie) put their prices up in city centre locations by a good few pounds. 'Smaller' charities, with a lower high street presence are often good bets too for lower pricing.
-- Don't discount small grubby shops in equally grubby areas :lol: though; I've had some fantastic things from the most unpromising-looking shops.
-- Don't look at sizes on labels, try to assess clothes by their actual size. Vintage clothes are often quite different in size, as are some foreign ones, and many things are given to charity shops because they've stretched or shrunk. I've got a size 14 skirt that fits perfectly (I'm a size 8)!
-- Be prepared to do some altering (e.g. hems, sleeves) and things like changing of buttons or general repairs.
-- Rummage, rummage and rummage!
Happy hunting!


There's practically nothing by way of charity/second hand shops these days in central Birmingham (I'm still mourning the loss of Grandma takes a trip, anyone remember that?).
Going a bit further out, Kings Heath High St always produces some nice finds, and it's almost non-stop charity shops. Geek_kitten pretty much has all other advice covered ;)
Good luck!
Sarah xx


Do you know SB, I can't think of any in Birmingham City Centre! I was wondering this myself the other day.
I think there tends to be a higher incidence of them on high streets in the suburbs. Don't know what side of Brimingham you're from, but Bearwood High Street has about 6 (I sometimes pop there in my lunchbreak). Further out, towards Wolverhampton, places like Walsall, West Browmich and Bilston have quite a number and of those I know in South Birmingham there are about 5 in Kings Heath (very poor) and I've been told Shirley is awash with them, though i have yet to have a look for myself.
I love a good charity shop rummage; I think it's why I like places like Primark and H&M too, my inner bargain hunter gets immense pleasure from uncovering gems amongst the crap :lol:

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