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Can you wear white linen trousers to a wedding?

Can you wear white linen trousers to a wedding?
  Or is it a no-no?


If you are wearing them with a dressy top and nice shoes you can get away with it...a casual top whith white linen trs would be a no no.


I'd say yes you can, especially this summer when they're everywhere. Unless the "do" is so formal that women in trousers would be frowned upon.
No-one is going to think that white linen trousers are going to look bridal, unless the bride happens to be wearing them. And if she is, she can't be that formal anyway.
ps. When we sent out the invites to our partnership ceremony, I went so far as to specify that people should wear what they like, including white.


Yes! I think they would look lovely with a dressy top, nice shoes and some jewellery. Just make sure you avoid the vpl. My aunt loves wearing her white linen trousers but not sure she realises how much of her knickers are on show through them! You don't want to upstage the bride ;)


I'll be wearing them with smart flip-flips (they look stupid with heels) and a dressy top and lots of accessories.
It's not particularly 'formal' but I know of people that are wearing dresses to it - I just look better in trousers than skirts. Obviously I can't wear jeans so thought linen might be nice.
I was thinking of wearing a really bold coloured top (I would love to wear a pretty flowing top but my figure won't allow it) and lovely jewelry, maybe with a flower or nice clip in my hair?
Not sure. I need to pop to topshop on my lunch and spend some vouchers!!
ETA: Nah I won't have the knicker line! Unfortunately I bought them a bit too big so they are quite low-slung so I will have to wear a really long top.

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